Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So, it was long overdue.
 Dominic finally realized that he is no Justin Beiber (not that he even knows who that is). He wanted long-ish hair but really began to hate that it never layed very well, even if he showered more often even if he combed it, even if he used conditioner. It did look great after swimming, but come summer long hair will just be too hot!
 So, he put in his request and we went right to work on a haircut.

We did the mow-hawk just for fun. We did this the last time we buzzed his head too. Too funny!
And here is the final product. Man how I love a clean cut boy!

One thing I didn't realize about Dominic (or had forgotten since his last buzz 4+ years ago) is that he has a very nice shaped head. I seriously could rub it ALL. DAY. LONG. It feels so darn good.

Penny, on the other hand keeps tattling on him by saying,
"mom, his hair is not growing back yet. I don't like it."
Apparently, she likes her brother with longer hair.

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Katie said...

and still, years later mentions how she is so glad that Dominic doesn't have that super short hair like "that one time."