Friday, May 27, 2011


We've been playing in the bathtub a lot lately. It started when Stella came over. Swimsuits went on and bath time ensued. Bubble bath was added and the jetted tub was turned on. TONS of fun.
In fact so much fun that the next day Penny wanted to do it again with Catherine. Swimsuits went back on and bubble fun was had all over again. These two were covered!

Silly hats:

This was literally up to Penny's neck.

Can you guess who that bubble monster is? This is almost too much to bear for Michael. He wants to get in so bad but for obvious reasons (drowning) I can't put him in there.

There's a bubble monster at the bottom of the tub in this one. Penny is not alone. My kids ask to have a bubble bath every day. We can't do it everyday, but its becoming quite a fun thing around here.


Julia Harps said...

Look like a great time! cute pictures.

annie said...

That is AWESOME!! I love it! What a fun thing!

Eva Jane said...

So fun!... how long does it take for the tub to be bubble free?! :)

cambridgeclan said...

Catherine talks about the bubble bath all the time. They have so much fun.