Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthday Bash!

I tried and tried to narrow the pictures down and I just couldn't do it. So, here is Michae's birthday will be like you were right there at every moment.

Family showed up and Penny was HARD asleep on the couch and snoring. She stopped moving for a few minutes at one point and just fell asleep and we could not wake her. She was so upset when we finally made her wake up (after sleeping for an hour or so) but perked up when she figured out we were getting ready to do cake and ice cream.

Michael did not understand why the cake was not in front of him yet.Patience young grasshopper.

He did try to blow out the candle, but it didn't work and so he grabbed for it. I blew it out for him.

It took him quite a while to figure out what he was supposed to do with that thing in front of him.

He stared at it and at one point looked like he was going to dive in face first.

But, he opted for a finger taste first.

He went back for more.

and more

And then decided that his finger needed to make a dive bomb.

And he struck gold (or chocolate). Now that was yummy.

At some point he realized that the frosting was kinda slippery on his skin and he started to squish it around.

He kept sucking all that he could off his finger.

Do you want a bite?

Grandma coordinated with the cake colors. Michael is trying to feed his Great Grandma a bite of birthday cake.

And then I pulled Michael out to transfer him to the sink for a bath.

I washed and washed. He was quite messy (but nothing like Penny!)

He loves to bathe in the sink and so he thought it was just time to play!




I love that little bum.


So since he was all clean, it was time to crawl over to mom

for some MORE birthday cake. Oh sheesh.

He wasn't really excited about opening presents. He's never done it really, but even once we showed it to him he was kinda "whatever" about it. He just wanted to play with what he had already opened and didn't care to move on. We seriously could have stopped after the 1st present and he would have been happy with it (a plastic watering can for his water station toy)



Sean's family came over for the party. Michele and Doug are siblings and they were both there as was Great Grandma Matteson. Doug brought the toy that entertained all my kids.


Michael loves these types of toys that have lids or problems to solve. He's going to be a puzzle solver.


He kept putting his foot up on top of the helicopter. So funny.

He then played catch with Doug. he loves playing catch!


And the night ended with Penny on the opposite spectrum. I didn't get her to bed till after 10pm and I felt lucky she went down. She had some SERIOUS energy.
So, this is what a late nap and ice cream and cake will do to a 3 year old girl at bedtime.

Things Michael can say consistently:
mama, dada, dog, ball, uh-oh, bath, whats that, eat, book, hot, outside, signing time

Things Michael can sign consistently:
ball, bath, eat, please, thank you, dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, car, cheese, milk, cracker, banana, apple, cookie, sandwich, drink, strawberry, outside, signing time, book, bubbles, popcorn, shoes, cereal, hot, cold, hat, up, down, again, more, all done, drink, baby, phone, sleep, plug (pacifier), bear, dad, go, bye bye, hi. 

Animal noises he'll make:
Monkey, dog, horse, owl, kitty, bear, cow, car (not an animal, but a noise)

And, this kid LOVES to dance. Anytime there is music playing you can bet that he's bouncing up and down trying to find the rhythm. He LOVES his brother and has games that he plays specifically with him (smacks him in the face). If I ask where Dominic is, he will look around the room until he makes eye contact with him and then squeal in delight. He likes Penny's hair and often tries to grab it. He will also whine and sign "milk" if Penny is ever sitting in my lap, his way of saying, "thats my mom, get off my turf." He's been known to push her out of my lap. He likes to play peekaboo games with Penny and she often will find him snacks to eat during the day.

 His favorite foods are:
banana, cheerios, raisins, carrots, beans, tomato, cheese, bread, sandwhich, nuts (pre chewed. Don't judge), apples, oranges, smoothies, strawberries, blueberries, scrambled eggs, noodles....the list could go on and on and on. He loves to eat!


Eva Jane said...

Happy Birthday Michael!!! I wish I was there to give you some bday lovin' xoxoxo

annie said...

I would like some of that cake from under his chins please! :o)

Some of the photos aren't working (like the second half)... boo.

Britty said...

I liked the foot on the helicopter, too! Happy birthday, big boy!

The Good Life said...

I loved the pictures! Ryan got that same pop-up box toy for his first birthday. Great minds think alike. Thanks for sharing.

annie said...

YEAH!!! I love his chillin' pose with his foot up! HA! Silly kiddo! Looks like a birthday party success.

cambridgeclan said...

So cute. I love that he kept using his finger and not grabbing handfuls. Such delicious nakey pictures.