Monday, April 11, 2011

More Life Pics

Penny loves to have her fingernails painted. From 13 months old she would sit still and wait patiently for them to dry. Because of this I’ve learned how do do tons of fun things that I can’t do on my own nails because I can’t get my left hand to do my right hand very well. I can do flowers, designs and jewels on Penny’s fingernails. She absolutely loves it! However, these particular nails didn’t last very long (all the jewels fell off within 4 hours) with using the nail polish they provide as the glue. I’m debating trying a super glue to get the jewel to stay on and then painting over the top of that. She’s my little diva!

(two coats of purple nail polish, the jewel, and a coat of clear to top it all off. She sat for probably 20 minutes till it was COMPLETELY dry)
She’s been falling asleep in the funniest positions lately. This one did not disappoint.
Michael is beginning to enjoy more normal foods. I’m finding that he’s not so interested in the baby foods anymore and wants whatever we’re eating. Here he’s having panini pizza and rinsed canned peaches (he didn’t want the french toast). Super yum! Since he has a mouth full of chompers, I have found that I can feed him just about anything. His favorite foods right now are apples (peeled and quartered) and bananas.
Cassie (Penny’s babysitter) gave us her old easy bake oven so on Saturday I looked up a recipe for a pink cake (it was pretty tasteless!) She was thrilled to make something of her own and gobbled it right up.
I’ve never used one of these before and was surprised to learn that it cooks everything using the heat from a light bulb.
Michael was teething last week (bottom and over one on the right). That’s 7 teeth! He was pretty miserable for a day or so.
I taught Penny and Dominic how to make a scratch template. We colored a rainbow and then covered it with black crayon. I then gave Penny a penny to scratch off a picture with…..she just wanted to scratch the whole thing off. Goof.
Watching general conference in our jammies. Well, I was watching anyways.
Michael was pretty snuggly. I love his full lips.
He seriously looks huge on Great Grandma’s lap now. When Grandma come in the room Michael reaches for her every time. He really really likes her….go figure. She just loves her great grandbabies!

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annie said...

I really can't wait to take pictures of that little kiddo! :o) He's a cutie.