Saturday, April 09, 2011

A little of Errrybody

Michael is into EVERYTHING. But, he gets very busy and content to figure things out. For the most part, I don’t mind the messes he makes but I do enjoy the fact that he’s not walking yet as that brings a whole new set of discoveries! I love this busy face.
We got to have Tucker over this last week and Penny and he painted a truck. Before that, I gave them both a pair of scissors and let them cut paper to a million pieces. So fun when you’re 3.
After watching a showing of a bunch of snippets from Broadway musicals performed as a Stake Roadshow at church, Dominic and I decided that we would get “The Music Man” on DVD. He stayed up late one night and watched it with me. It was a fun story and Dominic got to ask me what the heck, “gee gawds” meant.
Penny is learning how balancing and gravity works. She is getting better and better at building tall towers!
I seriously love this picture and will probably frame it at some point. There is a rite of passage about figuring out where the ziploc bag drawer is and being able to empty it in less than 30 seconds. Oh Michael, how I love your ways.
Bathtime! He’s so squishy….though we mostly just call him Chubba now.
But seriously, why why why?
Making faces at the dinner table.
Waiting for dinner. Guess mom was taking too long. It’s a hard time of day for her and she has no qualm about taking a nap and sometimes begs that I let her.
Dominic wanted to know if he could make himself invisible if he moved fast enough. Almost Dominic! I love how 8 year olds brains are trying to always figure things out.
So anyways. These were just random pictures from the last few weeks that didn’t have their own post. I love peeking back and seeing these posts!

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annie said...

why, why, WHY!? Great shots of everyone! :o)