Saturday, April 02, 2011

Flag Football

Dominic has started another season of flag football. Its his 3rd season doing this (he started exactly one year ago) and its AMAZING to see how much he has improved. Last year at this time, he hardly knew what to do during a game and was intimidated to run the ball or catch or pull flags. This time around he's all over the place. Its lots of fun to watch.
He hates the mouth guards, but understands why they have to wear them. Did you know its not to protect their teeth at all but rather absorb shock in the mouth guard instead of the brain? One of the many things I learned in college....ha!
He is the quarterback this season and absolutely loving it. I've been impressed with his ability to take direction from his coach for each new play every 30 seconds. The camera was on continuous shoot so some of these photos are in succession.
This was another pass I caught on camera.
And some lovely video to top it off. Here's to another few months of flag football on Saturdays!

Please ignore all my annoying yelling

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