Monday, April 25, 2011

Egg Hunting

Our Friends Jennifer and Andrew (and their 3 boys) had an egg hunt at their house on Friday. It was A LOT of fun and all the kids really enjoyed the games and egg hunting. A few are here:
She found that blue one, but she didn’t see the orange one. This age is so much fun because they get so excited still at the easiest finds!
On Saturday we went up to Gold Panning country (will go back soon for some gold panning). Its just 20 minutes from where we live and they had an Easter egg hunt that took up a whole meadow. It was really fun! Penny brought her stroller and baby (Tesla).
Her little pig tails (piggies) were so stinking cute.
They had the kids in different age groups and she was in the 0-3 year group. This picture is her waiting at the front of the group at the fence. Theirs was around this quaint little cottage all fenced in by a white picket fence.
You’ll notice the eggs scattered around behind her. No need to hide them too hard for this age group….they get excited wherever the egg is.
The Easter Bunny was kinda creepy looking. He had a little hole that he could see out of his mouth, which made for a weird, open mouthed bunny.
We then had to open all the eggs, take out the loot and give the eggs back. They reuse them every year and people donations help the hunt get bigger and bigger each year. It was a lot of fun and one that we’ll do again next year!
Afterwards we came home and I introduced Michael to bubbles (we have the best bubble blower, I just squeeze it and the wand pops up…and then let go and it goes down into the trough of soap ready to come up again and make more bubbles). Michael crawled up into my lap and wanted to try.
But really, he just ended up licking the wand.
That night, Penny helped me make cookies for the Young Women the next day. Its totally messy, but these Sour Cream Cookies (kinda like sugar cookies but they put sugar cookies to shame) are COMPLETELY worth it.
She had flour all over her pajamas…….she had to change before she actually went to bed.
So….I haven’t even gotten to Easter Day. Stay tuned. Enjoy the video! =)

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Nikki said...

So cute! I hope my girl has enough hair when she is young to do piggies! I LOOOOVE Piggies! make me want to have a girl...oh wait, I am having one!