Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Busy Busy

Michael loves the dishwasher but he’s usually just taking off the jet dry knob. Last week he decided that he needed to completely crawl into the dishwasher in order to fully enjoy it. I thought I would grab the camera cuz it was pretty cute.
Soooooooo, then he turned around and I took another picture. So cute! Until I noticed the huge boogers hanging out of his nose. Gross! Hands down Penny would have thrown up if she saw this, she gags when she sees a teeny booger. Eva, how you doin?
So, I’ll counterbalance that last shot with this very studious Michael enjoying a blueberry yogurt popsicle. He liked how cold it was but mostly just wanted to play with it. Sorry kiddo. That’s enough popsicle for you. I'll smooch on those lips though....... yummy!


Lisa Loo said...

Love that Penny hates buggers and I CANNOT believe how big you baby has gotten!! I somehow haven't been to your blog in forever! You have been so busy doing fun things--just like a typical Hirt girl! :0)

Eva Jane said...

ummmmm, you should put warnings on posts like this. GAG! Jon posted one of Sayler doing that and I almost threw up at work. SO NASTY!

Courtney M. said...

Those lips are so delicious! I even enjoy the pic with the boogers, they're baby boogers, it's not like it's a pic of Sean's boogers. :)