Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Michael learned a new word last night. Whusat (whats that)? It is more said by him as "uhdah" or "dah" but he does it by pointing. Can I tell you how much I love this chubby little hand pointing at things? Its enough to about do me in every time.
He's come so close to having his hand nibbled off by me because its so cute.

He discovered his finger (well we discovered he'd discovered his finger) last night while reading a book. He started deliberately pointing at things on the page albeit haphazardly. He must have got wind of David doing it becasue I heard Naomi talking about it just last week and though "oh fun. Thats what I have to look forward to soon."

Lo and behold.

Great Grandma has been coming over on Tuesday nights to play with the kids so Sean can keep working in the garage while I'm off to my Young Women's meetings (a program at church for the youth). Today they played a made up dice game that Dominic made up called ___________ (will fill in tomorrow when he wakes up).I think the point was to roll 2 sixes. They all took turns rolling the dice.

Michael stood there and watched and pointed and watched and pointed.
Dominic taught family home evening on Monday night. He was working on his primary cards and read Moses chapter 2 as well as Genesis chapter 1 about the creation. He drew pictures of the creation days in his journal. Because Penny has the same assignments (but we modify them for her) we decided that it would be fun for him to just draw what happened on each day for Penny to learn. It was lots of fun and he did a great job asking good questions to keep her engaged. Michael just wanted to eat the chalk. Dominic is a great teacher.

Day 1 - matter organized, darkness and light
Day 2 - atmosphere, heaven and earth
Day 3 - dry land, trees, bushes and grass
Day 4 - sun, moon and stars
Day 5 - Fishes and Fowl
Day 6 - Animals (including Adam and Eve)
Day 7 - rest

I've learned the creation many times, but this was hard for me!
I was really confused about what happened on which day for some reason (comparing Moses to Genesis only confused me more!). It took me a while to get it right and even then, we missed a couple things. We'll probably have to re-visit this at some point.

This video was minutes before the finger pointing started. I just love his little jig that he does.


Spencer said...

I'm pretty sure man is somewhere on the list of creations :)

Eva Jane said...

Please send that fat finger to me! Your kiddos are pretty great :)

Val said...

Such cute kids!