Monday, March 07, 2011


Michael today signed undeniable 3 signs. He asked for milk without me having to hold his wrist (since 3 or 4 months old if I hold his wrist he'll sign milk, but he's too panicked to sign it without me holding his wrist). He was standing on the floor holding onto the couch and put his hand up and signed milk over and over. Though I'd just fed him a few minutes earlier, I picked him up and fed him anyways so that he can learn that if he does that, he's being understood.

At dinner he put his thumb on his forehead with his index finger out  and said "Dada" over and over. Its not quite the sign for Dada, but he knew what he was doing and did it as best as his 9.5 month old hands could figure out how to. I think Sean was pretty proud, so was Michael.

He also signs baby and sign. I asked him if he wanted to watch Baby Signing Time and he  immediately looked over at the TV and he puts his hands together and fiddles them (the sign for "sign"). If you ask him to sign baby he'll put his hands together and rock them left and right.... but I wasn't able to get him to do that sign today. He did however, sign "sign" .

I love this stage because from here on out he will learn more signs exponentially. I love being able to talk WITH my child instead of just TO him.

Penny  has started doing Hooked on Phonics. So far she can read all -AT
-AN and -AP words. She has 3 stories that she can read all by herself and, like Dominic, her favorite word to read is ZAP.....because then I poke her and say "Zap!" She's doing very well and we're just moving at a slow pace for now. She's still so little...........

She wanted to bear her testimony today at church and got all the way up to the podium with me before she decided, "never mind." Not before she told me what she wanted to say though. She wanted to say, "I am thankful for birds and toys and the prophet. I like to sing primary songs."

Dominic has taken a huge love for doing his primary cards. In primary at church, they give the kids a new card every month to go on a ring. On the front of the laminated card they have 4 or 5 things that they have to do which supplement the sharing times and the theme for the month. On the back they put the song and scripture that they are supposed to learn that month. Once completed, there is a spot for the parents signature and then they take it to church and the primary puts a GEM on the card for that month. Have I ever told you how much Dominic likes anything shiny or that sparkles? (he used to find pieces of glitter in carpet as a 2 year old and small strands of confetti in the playground at school in kindergarten) He is so into this.....and its been so nice because we get to do the things together. Penny is doing it too, but Dominic is really the one who drives us all to complete them. I'm so proud of him. He finished January and got his January gem today and only has one thing left to do for February (they didn't start the program till Feb). He can't wait to start on March. It has really improved his moods around the house and I'm hoping it lasts and he stays excited month in and month out.

Other Dominic news is we are going to home school him next year. He's asked every year he's been in school if he could home-school. We wanted to do it last year, but with having a new baby, it wasn't something that I was sure I could tackle having never done it before. I'm not against public school, but I've always wanted to try home schooling and I'd hate to have THAT regret once they are done and out of the house. So, we are going to do it and then decide for 5th grade what he would like to continue with (home or public). I've prayed hard about this....because this is Dominic's education........... it feels so right. I am so excited about all the opportunities this will open up to us and all the time that this will allow for us to be together as a family (he goes home to Alaska every summer so our time with him is limited when he's in public school).

I have to brag about Sean too. He's been in the top 3 in Sales at work for a long time. Last week, he won a pretty hard 4 week competition that they had for performance with calls (woohoo gift cards!) Its not easy to be on the phone for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. But, he IS good at it. We are so blessed to have the job that he does and the income that it provides. Also, our business.......has grown, Grown, GROWN. It doubled this year and we've reached goals we never thought possible when we started. This is well beyond what we had envisioned. I have not done anything with the business since Michael was born (9.5 months). Sean has been working, then coming home and working more for almost 10 months NON-STOP. He's seriously a working machine and so successful at both. He's had help from his brother with the business, so he's not alone in building it....but both of these guys have 3 kids and full time jobs and then come home and work! Yet, then he comes inside and plays and reads scriptures with the family and has FHE and dinner etc. His time with us is gold, but its there.........I really don't know how he does it all.

Since I wrote about everyone else. Here's Katie. Though my tasks may seem mundane to the onlooker, I LOVE to serve my family. I have been working hard at keeping the house on a schedule with cleaning and meals. I write out my menu's every Sunday night (on my boards) as well as one extra chore per day to keep the house in order. This has helped me stay organized, spend money wisely and plan ahead! One day mid-week I don't put a chore, but instead put sewing. If I've completed the other chores up to that day, I allow myself to sew without the guilt of other things that I could be doing! So far, its been working quite well. This last year my mind came to the juncture of liking two tasks that I use to have to force myself to do everyday. I now love making my bed daily as well as cleaning up before bed time. I forced myself to make the bed everyday in 2010 (I missed a few here and there but for the most part, I did it everyday) because Sean told me one day that he really likes it when I make the bed (as a compliment, not a demand). I did it because it made him happy. Now I can finally say, I do it in part because it makes me happy too! =)

We thank Heavenly Father everyday for our home, our income and our health, our friends, our faith, our life, our callings, our family and a prophet. Ahhhhhhh, life is good.


Julia Harps said...

awesome to everyone! what a great family you have. :)

Lisa said...

Wow, lots of good news to share! I am so glad you were able to make homeschooling work for Dominic! That is a big decision, but one that seems to be catching on. I guess I'll devise a new motto: "If you don't want to homeschool, don't pray about it!" Best to your family Katie.

Katie said...

except, I prayed about it for this year and the answer was no.

That sounds like if your kid is in public school you didn't pray about it........ which I don't think you meant to infer.

Not a motto I'd use.

Lisa said...

Sometimes it takes a good friend to make you reflect on what you've said- then take it back. You are right- I absolutely would not want to make anyone to feel like public school was the "inferior" choice. Homebirth and homeschooling have been inspired decisions in our family, and I think that is the case for most people who choose these options. I guess that is what I mean by that motto. However, I realize and respect that this is not the case for everyone. How boring would that be if God had the same plan for all of us! Thanks for being unbiast, Katie.