Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A tender heart

I received many things on my birthday. I was in awe over all the birthday wishes I got from friends on facebook. I don't always take the time to see the birthdays every day but was so grateful to all my friends who took the time today, for me to say happy birthday! It made me feel really special and made me realize how much it can mean to someone.....just taking a second or two out of your day to say, Happy Birthday! I'm going to make an effort, I didn't think it mattered really but, duh, it does!

Sean planted the idea to Dominic to make pancakes for me in the morning instead of me making them for Dominic. He put the pancake mix out when he got up for work and set an alarm for Dominic to wake up before me. I got pancakes in bed. Melt my heart son, melt my heart. Thanks you Sean, for teaching him how to pamper the women in his life.

Naomi brought me flowers. As I've sat and looked at them on my table all day I notice they have gerber daisy's, which remind me of my wedding to Ricky.......which was a good reminder to me today. It was a reminder of 3 years of my life that I have come to terms with. They took part in shaping who I am today........ and I love that, because I love who I am today. Thanks Naomi, for the visual reminder. 

A friend of mine (Julie) dropped off tiger eye stones made into a set of earings and matching bracelet. They are so beautiful. I love them and only recently discovered tiger eye gems. How did she know? Dominic made me a tiger eye necklace to match (with a tiger eye stone he tumbled himself) after he saw that. Dominic also made me a heart shaped card and a picture he drew of our whole family. I LOVE it, we're all holding hands. He also wrote the phrase, "have great care." So cute.

My Penny gave me "birthday kisses" and "birthday hugs" that only a 3 year old knows how to give. And a birthday card full of stickers and drawings of guessed it....happy faces.

Michael was extra sweet today. He's an amazing baby and I can't get enough of him.

I got 2 REI giftcards in the mail from my mom and Dad and Sean's mom and sister. I get to buy those hideous 5 finger shoes to go running in now. Can't wait! Stay tuned.......

Sean purchased some books for me but they haven't come yet and he won't tell me what they are. He made me the most perfect cupcakes I'VE EVER HAD. Seriously. Ground Flax (1 tbs flax with 3 tbsp water per egg) substituted for the eggs in the cake mix makes for the most D-VINE cupcakes. I ate 4 or 5....lost count. Thanks Sweety. He is amazing, inside and out! 

and of course, the amazing books my sisters got beautiful. I started reading Pride and Prejudice. I have never read it before. I love it so far.

The best gift?

Dominic admitting to me at bedtime that he watched 2, PG-13 movies over Christmas break at his Dad's and the discussion we got to have afterwards about repentance and rules. He has such a tender heart. He told how he's just felt so awful that he's had to keep that secret for the last 2 months. We talked about that, we cried a little. He's so stinking sweet. I asked if he wanted to tell me anything else since we're talking about repentance already. He said no.

Fast forward 10 minutes to him coming downstairs to tell me that he had something else to tell me. He'd stolen some things from Target this last October and then lied to me to cover it up. We talked again, him in tears of, happily crying a little. I am so proud of him. Why? I use to steal stuff all the time and I never had the courage to tell ANYONE. We talked about this too. I'm just so glad that he's comfortable talking to me about it. I remember thinking to myself at one point when Dominic was 3 or 4. "How am I ever going to teach him the things that I had a hard time with? How is he going to know that I'm a safe place to unload his burdens?" I sighed a huge sigh of relief when all his burdens came off his shoulders and he got to go to sleep a perfect boy again. I asked if there was yet anything else he wanted to tell me.......this time he said there really wasn't. He has such a tender heart........... THAT was the best birthday present I could ever receive, to see my child making really good, though hard choices. My heart is so full.

So I'm speaking in church on Sunday, on the 13th article of faith, just the first sentence (the rest will be done by my counselors):

We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, and in doing good to all men. 

I asked Dominic what he thought of that sentence. His reply, "it doesn't sound like me at all!" as he started to cry again. I told him to look me in the eyes and then proceeded to tell him, "that is exactly who you are Dominic and let me tell you why."  We had the best discussion ever.

Again, my heart is so full. 
Will I be able to give my talk on Sunday? I have no idea, I might just be a blubbering mess.

Thanks for a great birthday everyone. You are the best!


Britty said...

Happy Birthday, Katie! That's me in 6 months!

I love Dominic's story. It is always a concern to worry about how your kids will communicate with you as they grow older. You're certainly on the right track with Dominic!

Julia Harps said...

that is a great experience with Dominic. I love that kid.
I think it would make a birthday perfect too. :)

momhirt said...

beautiful story. you are definitely a safe place for him. that's so important.

Lisa said...

This was so touching to read. I love when the Spirit helps us to communicate with our children.

I am so glad you had such a special birthday! I had one like that when I turned 28- it was the crappiest day for me, but people kept calling and stopping by with flowers, gifts, a cake, etc. and by the end of the day I felt so loved. Happy Belated! You're radiant.

Merilee said...

Ah! I'm sorry I missed your bday! Happy late Birthday!!
I just saw those crazy running shoes on my sister-in-laws blog. Crazy things!
That is such a sweet experience you shared about Dominic. I hope that I can be the same for my kids as they get older. Your such a great Mom.