Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some February Forgottens

In looking at my photos from February, there were a few that got skipped that I wanted included in my history. Did you know that Picasa will let you post as many pictures to blogger as you want now (it use to only let you do 4 at a time) Here goes:

Michael loves to play with tongues. Its kinda gross, but we keep it in the family. He laughs hysterically at them when I wiggle my tongue around and he tries to catch it.
I found this pack of 12 crowns at the dollar store (for $1...go figure) and it was a HUGE hit. Penny made several crowns and colored them and then put glitter glue and stickers all over them. This was at least 1 hour of craft time for her. I love that she can stay on task for long periods of time.
Sibling Love! Penny LOVES Micheal and always wants to hold him. Problem is, Michael isn't so much into being held anymore, or poked, or smothered, or squeezed. Sorry Michael, this third child stuff is kinda rough!
She found a funny way to sit on the toilet. She's got her mom's flexibility (not that I sit on the toilet this way or anything).
Michael is SO STRONG. He muscles Great Grandma Matteson around all the time.

Daddy reading a story before bedtime.
Chris and Melody came to town and stayed with us. They have 5 kids, but they are the most well behaved kids I've ever been around....Except for the parts when they talk about poop and farts a lot (it keeps it interesting). They had me in stitches too many times to count! They too, wanted to make crowns so we started coloring, glueing and stickering away. It was fun to see each creation come out so different.
Grebel (nickname.....its actually Gabriel) has the cutest baby face. If it wasn't morbid and wrong, I would have eaten it. Hit bottom lip and big eyes are to die for.
Eli was quite studious. About 1/4 of the way through he looked at me and said, "man. It would have really been a better idea to color AND THEN put the stickers on."  It took a lot more careful coloring, as to not mess up the stickers, to color after the stickers were in place. He did it though.

Black spiderman overtook Jeremiah's body and had influence on his crown as well. He was done in seconds flat as soon as he figured out how to use the side of the marker instead of the tip.
See the cuteness? I think his crown weighed 2 pounds, mostly in dinosaur stickers.
February was a fun month.


Nikki said...

Thanks for telling me about Picasa! I stopped using it for blogging because of the 4 picture rule but now I'm going right back to it! Wooohoo! So much easier and I might actually edit my pictures now. Haha. The crowns were such a good idea!! Very cute.

Unknown said...

Lot of cute people here!