Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh, the finger!

I'm not sure I can stand it any longer. This finger is so delicious and yummy and he just won't stop using it!
Often it will be sticking out and he'll try to figure out what its pointing at, except that in doing that, he makes the finger move more to the left and so he keeps following where its pointing, which makes it move more to the left, and so he follows it which makes get the idea. He follows it around in circles, its hilarious!

Oh good, he made it.
Ooh, but whats that. See? I just love that finger....its indicative of so much discovery, learning and mischief.
So for now; Good night, dear.


Val said...

I bet he gets a lot of hugs and kisses....what a little cutie!

Eva Jane said...

I've asked time and time again for you to send me that finger! I want it :)