Monday, March 21, 2011


He's 10 months old!!

No pictures today, just wanted to record that as of today Michael gives kisses on command. So, if you want any........come on over. They are pretty much delightful. None of us can get enough of them. Though, if you let him kiss you for too long, he bites...aaaaaaaand he thinks its funny.

Also today, he stands without assistance. He keeps letting go of things and just standing there for 5-8 seconds. Its so cute. He's mostly just busy and doesn't even notice that he's not holding on to anything. His busy chatter is awesome....all kinds of "TH" and "S" sounds.

And lastly, he signed and said "Ball" all night tonight. 
So. darn. cute. 
He signs "Where" all the time (its with a pointed finger so it was an easy transition for him) and added "Where Ball" tonight.

He's getting so big. I just love him. 

Sean keeps saying we just want two of him. He IS that sweet.

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Julia Harps said...

I agree! he is super sweet. If you have two of him I want one.