Sunday, March 13, 2011


Penny calls gymnastics, "Joo-nastics." Its too cute to correct her. Sean was able to stay home from work on Friday to get some stuff done for the business and so he also took the opportunity to accompany me to Penny's joo-nastics class. She was so proud to have Daddy there watching. At one point, she ran over to him and threw her arms around him and said, "Huggies!"
She's built like a Hirt.
Its taken her quite a long time to built up the stregth to get her legs up on the bar all by herself but she can do it now and is so proud! Yay Penny!
Flying on a trapeze into the foam pit is one of the favorites for all the kids there.
She's really good at bouncing. I love how when she started she couldn't even jump off both feet (she was 1.5) and now she's all over the place. She's come a LONG WAYS since we started over a year ago.
Michael likes to play with some of the toys they have for other kids just watching. He loves these colorful cars. I love sneaking kisses.
The ever-so-cute pointer. Its pretty edible. Just saying. He liked all the colors from the drink machine.
I love this pretty little girl.


Amanda said...

cute little gymnast!!!

Eva Jane said...

Look out Olympics, here comes Penny :)