Thursday, March 03, 2011


After 5 days of Penny being not herself and whiny all . day . long . I could not handle brushing her hair one more time so I cut it all off. We were showered and almost ready to head out the door to gymnastics and she just could not fathom brushing her hair and had a melt down. A serious meltdown. So, we got out the scissors and went to town. By mid-afternoon we had our bouncy, happy, pretty Penny back! Her hair looks so much better too and there isn't as much drama associated with brushing it (which just starts your day off awful).

I love the little layered bob on her.

This doesn't look like much hair, but it filled half a sandwich sized ziploc bag. Each of those circles is about two ringlets long.
This was Penny's 4th haircut in her whole life.

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