Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Best Books

So, I only hinted a little to my siblings that this was something that I wanted for my birthday. Yesterday a box showed up on my door. I didn't even look at it because I hadn't ordered anything and just assumed it was for the business. When Sean came home he asked me what I ordered from Deseret book and I about squealed in delight knowing what was probably inside that box. I could not handle it anymore today and had to open them (my birthday isn't till Wednesday). Please, forgive me.

Can I tell you how happy these books make me?

They are so, so so pretty and I love love love them. I also can't wait to read and re-read them. They are very well made with an attached bookmark in each book and nice smooth pages, not cheap paper. I just love their colors.

So, to Julia, Eva and Annie who pitched in together to get these for me:


Britty said...

Those are really cool. I just finished Little Women and loved it. Each of those are treasures and I'm sure Penny will love reading them someday, too.

Julia Harps said...

you're elgome! as spencer used to say. Happy Birthday!

annie said...


annie said...

Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

yay!! dropping not so subtle hints pays off!