Sunday, February 27, 2011

We just can't get enough

My, oh, my. I caught Michael going up the stairs on Friday. There's no turning back now. Every time its silent, I run to the stairs. He doesn't b-line it for the stairs, but if he sees them in passing he tries to traverse them. He, of course, does not understand gravity at all yet and has come close to falling several times.

We are working on figuring out some kind of gate as a normal gate won't just attach on either side.
So fun.

He's also found after nap time to be playing in his bed, standing. He just talks and babbles and waits for someone to come get him. If he gets sick of waiting he cries, because its too scary to just sit down in his crib I think (it looks like its up higher than it really is). Here are a couple crib shots.
We found a great projector/white sound machine and we have to hide it behind the humidifier because he likes to stick his fingers all over the lens and try to catch the image.
He lately likes to stick things in his mouth and then let them sit there; spoons, dive sticks, markers....doesn't matter.

For some reason I just really like this one. He's ready to eat ALWAYS. 

Michael found Dominic's scout hat on the floor and so I put it on him. He thought it was a funny game and tried to get it off as fast as he could. I got some cute giggles out of him.
He then crawled around with it on his head and over his eyes. He bumped into the oven because he couldn't see where he was going. Do you like the line of drool falling down?
And this picture, it just melts me. I love those teeth!

Sorry, my other children are getting photographically neglected it seems. 
We just can't get enough Michael around here!


Julia Harps said...


Julia Harps said...

oh a trick for you. even if your gate doesn't properly fit to the wall if you just lay the gate on the stairs he cannot climb over it. We did that with a few of our kids. worth a try if you have a gate.

annie said...

I love the scub scout hat... that's what Bret called James' hat! He adopted it after James didn't fit it anymore... I think it's still floating around somewhere... he's pretty cute.