Monday, February 21, 2011


We got a call on Sunday from Stella's parents asking if she could come stay the night (Stella's dad is Sean's cousin) on Sunday and stay all day Monday. We love having Stella over and so of course we said yes. Great Grandma with 2 of her 4 great-granddaughters. They read book after book after book. Great Grandma Doris stayed till almost 9pm playing with the kids.

I had a church meeting Sunday night and when I got home the girls started getting ready for bed. Dominic was already asleep as he'd been staying up late the last 2 nights and it had finally caught up to him. Penny and Stella wanted me to read them some stories. Stella didn't make it through the first book before she fell asleep....she tried and tried to keep her eyes open but it just didn't work. So cute.
Penny's eye was starting to weep and get goupy towards the later part of the afternoon. With all my kids I'v used breast milk (when I've had it) to ward off eye gunk (my kids especially get it as newborns when their tear ducts get clogged). Expressed into a zip-lock bag, I then clip off the corner of the bag and squeeze it drop by drop into their eye. Anyways I did it once during the day and then again right before bed time. By morning, her eye was a little puffy, but not weeping and goupy at all. I mean, breast milk has tons of antibodies so why wouldn't it work right? 
Kinda weird but whatever, get over it and just do what works, especially if its all natural.  =)
Look at the gem I found in Penny's hair after she fell asleep. Her hair makes the perfect ringlets that will stay in all day if I just take a few extra minutes after I wet and comb it, to wrap sections around my finger and then let them go. Now that her hair is just a little longer, it needs just a teeny help to curl all the way to the scalp. 

I love how her face is squished into her hand. My sweet, sweet Penny.

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Eva Jane said...

Penny's curls are amazing! So cute!!