Thursday, February 24, 2011

Penny Pictures

This picture made me laugh out loud. I can't tell you how many we have of Penny's face on our computer. Lots. Sometimes though, she captures something really silly. I can't delete them. Its a window into her world when I'm not looking and I love it.
We haven't had the kitty at our house in quite a while, but it made an appearance last week and stayed all day.
Lately, she loves to take pictures of Michael and I. Since they are mostly of me in grubby clothes and without my hair even combed they will never make it to the blog. The ones of Michael, however, are alway sweet. G-gma Doris came over to play the other day and she captures her in a few shots.
This is a typical grandma pose. She's always smiling when she's around her Great Grandkids.
Also, Penny is getting quite bossy behind the lens.
"Look at me. NO, this way."
"Smile, but not too big."
"Be still!"
"Don't grab the camera Michael."
"Mom, you're not listening. I said don't smile."

Oh Penny. We love you.

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Julia Harps said...

those pics are so cute and funny! she has such personality. what a cutie.