Saturday, February 05, 2011

Fish Hatchery

This last Monday Penny, Michael and I went to the fish hatchery with the Cambridge's. I've never been and it was really fun. The day was beautiful (a little windy an chilly, but beautiful) and the walk from the parking lot was the perfect length.

Penny didn't want me to comb her hair so I told her she had to wear her hat. Catherine climbed up onto the rocks up above the pathway but Penny was too nervous to walk up there. She didn't like all the rocks moving under her as she was trying to climb up to the top, so she opted to watch Catherine from down below.
These long troughs are where the baby fish are. You can feed them and watch them jump for the food. The structure above held wires in place so that seagulls and large birds couldn't sit and eat a free meal all day.
Inside, they had a bunch of educational displays to read and look at. Along with a video and a live viewing of them harvesting eggs from different fish. While we were there, it was Steelhead harvesting time.
We went back out to feed the fish again.

Then we trudged over to the playground; a large salmon structure to play and climb through.

Thanks for the fun day Naomi and Catherine (and David). It was perfect!
On the way home Penny said to me, "I'm trying not to be sleepy mom but my eyes just want to." 

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