Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Busy busy busy

I love these Carharts. He's almost outgrown them. =(

What a proud boy. One thing he learned to do today was sit himself back down after he stands up to something. Up until this point, he would just cry and whine for help to get down. I mean, come on! 3 feet is a long ways to fall when you're only 3 feet tall!


Eva Jane said...

Are those supposed to be capris? I'd say homeboy has outgrown the carharts... so sad. I can't get enough of him. Too too cute!

Sean said...

They reach his ankles when they are pulled down all the way. Overalls don't like to stay down, they always ride up..... he has not, I REPEAT.....has not grown out of these yet. I refuse. They WILL be capris before I retire them.