Sunday, January 02, 2011

we've gone video crazy!

We've taken a lot of fun (maybe just fun for us but fun nonetheless) videos lately. I can't pick just one.

Michael is learning to use that tongue of his. This week he's been making the TH sound as well as a TS sound. I love hearing it. Other sounds he does regularly is whine for "mamamamama." and the D sound. He also says "bababababa" Every now and the he'll whistle. Seriously, my baby can whistle....its hilarious.

Penny learned quite a few Christmas songs this year. Its funny to hear how they interpret the words of songs.......

Today (Sunday) Penny wanted to sing Christmas songs so we looked a few up on and then let her act them out with the nativity set. It was fun to watch and kept he Sabbath Day Spirit in our home. Can I tell you how much nicer our sabbath is having early morning church? I like morning church better than afternoon church.

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