Friday, January 21, 2011

So what,

So what if this is the 5th blog post I've done in 24 hours. I had lots of pictures to blog. I've gotten other things done too including cleaned my bathroom (right Annie?). She can verify because we were on the phone and she heard me gagging as I pulled the hair out of the drain. Penny had to leave the room it was so gross (remember, she has a super sensitive stomach/gag reflex to gross stuff).

Aaaaaanyways. Also, so what that Cassie's camera phone takes better pictures than my camera. Minor detail.

These are pictures Cassie took while babysitting Penny and Michael.
Penny got out the....facepaints (I tell you, these face paints are well loved around here).

I'd make that face too if I was surrounded by these girls!
She painted her own face, except the white mustache that Cassie gave her. =)

Thank you Cassie and MoMo!

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Julia Harps said...

what great babysitters to be so much fun. :)