Monday, January 03, 2011


I made and framed the children's silhouettes for Christmas. I'm not sure if it was a present for myself or my kids. We didn't take them with us to So-Cal because I didn't want them to get damaged so they weren't even ever wrapped. I told Dominic they were for Christmas and showed them to him. He thought it was neat that even though it was all black, you could still really tell who everyone was.
I LOVE how they turned out and found the perfect place for them in my house. Every time I climb my stairs and turn around to go to my room, I smile.

The technique I used was VERY simple. Each silhouette took me about 5 minutes to cut out.
Directions here:
The only different thing I did was I took my pictures in front of the television, that way it doesn't have to be light out. The photo doesn't have to be a black and white picture or even heavily contrasted, don't even have to do their hair that nicely. For instance, this is what Penny's looked like that I used.


Rachel D said...

Thank you for leaving a link to your post. The silhouettes are beautiful! Kudos for the detail on your daughter's hair, too. I also like the idea about the's great sharing ideas in blogland because so often someone will see a way to improve things and we all benefit from it. Thanks for sharing!

momhirt said...

those are very unique and look great in that wall spot. good job!

Melissa said...

These are awesome!

Eva Jane said...

Those are so great!

Lisa said...

I love those! You did an exceptionally good job on yours. I think I will try them after this last baby is born, to commemorate.

Merilee said...

Those turned out REALLY cute!