Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Sean's mom got us a home depot gift card for Christmas. We had been eyeing this large mirror for a while and so we were so giddy to go down and be able to get it! We found the storage shelf at Costco for an amazing price and knew it would go perfect too (and help with the toy situation in our living room). We absolutely LOVE the transformation it did to the downstairs room even just changing that one wall. So, I've now got the decorating bug. I have 5 walls in my house that have things on them now (excluding the kids room). Maybe we'll get it decorated before we move out in another 2 years. lol

Hello Michael
Penny LOVES to be the olive cutter. Plastic knives are surprisingly sharp for olives and do quite a good job without the danger of cutting her fingers. Look at all those olives she's cut!

Sometimes this is how I like to watch T.V. too, don't you?
Does anybody know where Penny Grandma went?


Holly said...

I love the big mirror, it looks really good! We have a similar shelf and baskets for toys in the boys' room and I love it, it really makes a big difference when there's a home for everything.

momhirt said...

that looks really nice there. the mirror is perfect. and i don't see any penny grandma, i think you are mistaken!