Saturday, January 15, 2011


We have been having a hay day with the face painting kit Santa got Penny for Christmas. Seriously, there is no end to all the fun. Catherine wanted to be a pink butterfly and Penny wanted to be an angel. I told them they could paint my face when they were done but by the time I finished theirs, they conveniently forgot. Ha!

Her face is serious and her eyes are big because she is trying to concentrate on coloring still, even though she's not looking at the page. She was like stone face. Silly girler.
And this is what happens when Penny uses my eye shadow unsupervised. I left the room for a few minutes to come back and find eye shadow all over the bed (on Sean's side so I just pulled the sheets back over and hoped he wouldn't see it. KIDDING)

Courtney, she's making a weird face and covered in blue eye shadow. Tell me, why does she look exactly like you in this picture? Its still a mystery to me (because you don't make this face or wear blue eye shadow. But you do have curly hair and have that natural beauty)
Gosh, oh, gee. This is how we went to pick up the babysitter too.
Thanks for the scented markers Penny grandma. Penny loves how they smell.
I could not stop laughing.

Big news at our house is Penny can write her name all by herself. While coloring today she proudly announced (Sean took notes so its word for word):
"Here's the deal. I can do it all by myself!"
Yay Penny!

And while this picture doesn't have Penny in it (except for the canvas print on our wall), Penny did take this picture. She LOVES to photograph. I see a little budding photographer. In the meantime, this is my favorite spot to nibble on Michael, it makes him laugh too.

Also, note our new chandelier above dining room table. I love it.

and here's a little video of Penny and Dominic being silly while coloring tonight. I love these kiddos.


Lisa said...

We've been having fun with Kaitlyn's face paints, too. Ashlee painted, like, 4 kids faces on the day of the party. I'll have to show you pictures.

Katie said...

I'd love to see the pictures Lisa! =)

Courtney M. said...

I showed that picture to a few people at work today and they thought it was me. A few of them even said "wait is that eye shadow? who is that cuz I know it isn't you".