Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Years Eve

We stayed in for New Years Eve. Sean made his traditional little smokies and Penny helped wrap them.

Penny is becoming very aware of things that need to be done around the house. She can be quite helpful sometimes. She wanted to vaccuum and so I let her HAVE AT IT. Earlier that evening, she had the little hand held vaccuum and was trying to vaccuum up a pretty dirty area. She kept letting out these annoying grunts and then finally said, "there just keeps being more and more!" hee hee.

Michael LOVES Rachel from Signing Time. Penny used to look at my drivers licence and say it was Rachel, so perhaps he just thinks she looks enough like his mom that it makes him happy. EVERY time Rachel comes on screen, he smiles.
Soak it up Michael, soak it up.
The kids were in bed by their normal 8:30 time (if Dominic was here he would have stayed up till midnight but since it was just the two little ones...why bother?! Plus Michael wasn't feeling all that great). Sean and I stayed up well past midnight watching the G.I. Joe Movie. It was good. And the kids started the new year off great by sleeping in for us.

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