Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Years Day!

We started out the New Year with letting Michael suck on the fireplace tools. Oops, okay so that was an accident. Let me just say he's very mobile now.
Some extended family came over and Sean's Uncle Yogi and his wife Anandi got Michael a 49ers outfit. Boy, was Dad proud (except for the fact that the 49ers have been horrible the last few years).
Penny got some princess dress-up stuff and decided to make this very UN-PRINCESS like face. hahaha
She and Stella ate a snack and then were off to play some more. We love having Stella around, she plays so well with all my kiddos (though Dominic is out of town visiting his Dad in Alaska).
We got out the face paints that Penny got for Christmas and I painted a butterfly on their faces. They then proceeded to paint my face. Let me just tell you it was pretty....the batteries in our camera died though so darn, no picture.
Finished products. They were so cute.
Here they had a "picnic recess" as they called it. They invited Michael along also.
All the while Sean and Anam hung our NEW CHANDALIER in the dining room. I love how it looks (photos later).
We ended the day with a bubble bath. And you thought Santa lived in the North Pole?
Love him.

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