Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Holly is Amazing

Holly made me this for Christmas and I just got it in the mail today. I LOVE it.

Grace is my Great Aunt and was who my middle name came from. The only other picture I remember of her is one when she's in her late 30's bluberry picking. She has a rope around her waist and the bucket's handle strung by the rope.

I love this one too and can absolutely see her face in that 7 year old expression having a tea party.

Thank you Holly!


Jaime said...

I agree, Holly is amazing. :) I love it!

momhirt said...

i think that the woman who used to pick with the rope around her waist attached to a bucket was eva's namesake, eva soboleff. if it is the same picture i am thinking of anyway. aunt grace only visited us in alaska a couple of times that i can remember, and once was during a big blueberry year. we stopped to pick berries on a hillside about 67 mile on the steese that was covered in purple. i don't recall a picture however. this picture is probably taken at their home in dayton, ohio. it is a great christmas gift!