Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Penny wanted a bunch of little piggies in her hair today. She was very specific about what she wanted. Her words:
"I want my hair to be little pieces and stick out like Sophie's hair did that one time."
Phew, glad I got it right because I have no idea about what time she was talking about. But as I was doing her hair she said, "yes, thats it mom."
Upside down pictures are funny.

This is an awful picture of me except for the fact that I'm totally in my element. Michael didn't want to be put down but there was a load of housework that needed to be done. Out came the backpack and since Penny LOVES to take pictures, I let her. (Hi Daddy, he just came home!)
Look at those curls twirl!
Penny can paint with two hands.
She has been all about everything Mary these last few weeks. She acts out being Mary all the time. Earlier today she had a conversation with me,
"Mom, if I could see baby Jesus I would say to him when he wakes up, 'who's a crazy boy'."
"Oh, do you think he'd laugh just like Michael does when you say that?" -mom
"Yes, except maybe Mary would tell me not to."
She's so silly.
Penny took this picture. She's getting pretty good at getting the person in view now. It used to be hit or miss.
This may be TMI, but I can't stop laughing. She's on the toilet gagging because her poo stinks....she does that often AND she's not faking.

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Lisa said...

That is quite a hefty baby carrier to be toting around! However, with him on your back I suppose it frees up your hands to do more. He looks happy as a bug.