Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dominic the painter

I found this neat art kit at Michaels and used a coupon and got the whole set for $10. Dominic always wants to paint on Penny's easel, but the paintbrushes aren't quite good for painting and if he's doing it...she wants to also. So, it was high time he had his own place to paint without interruption. He LOVED it.

History: I love art. I used to paint, draw and create art all the time. I wanted to go to college for fine arts when I was right out of high school and thought that that meant all I had to take were art classes. So, for one semester I did just that only to find out that thats not what fine arts meant. Hahaha..... oops. A guidance counselor would have been wise to tell me that before I signed up for all those classes. I hope that I can paint and draw side by side with my kids someday.

He took his painting very serious. It was fun to watch him. He even mixed colors to see what they would make. I presumed that he already knew this kind of stuff.....which he knows the basics. He wanted to mix red, green and white and wondered what color it would make. I told him to guess before he did it and then we could talk about why he was right or wrong. He didn't guess a color because he said he just couldn't tell what it would make. I guessed light brown and he shook his head like I was crazy. 
He was amazed. We talked about all the color combinations that make brown and how adding black or white to something will make it lighter or darker.
"I know mom."
Guess he knew about the lighter darker part.
So, he finished his masterpiece and forgot that he had even asked to watch TV. Thats why I love to paint too Dominic....everything else can just wait, its too fun. 

The finished piece.

Its funny, I thought that he would know how to paint better than he does but then it dawned on me...why would he? He's never really painted like this before! So, stay tuned to hopefully watch this budding artist figure it out. 


Julia Harps said...

what a cute painting! and what a cute kid!

Nikki said...

Oh I love that painting! Good job Dominic! That's awesome.