Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas in So-Cal

Okay, so this one is long winded, but its all our pictures from Christmas in So-Cal.

Dominic and Owen played with Dominic's Pokemon cards for quite a while. It was cute to hear Owen get excited at EACH card that he saw. Dominic left him with a stack of cards he has duplicates of.
Love Owen's 3 year old busy boy fingers.
While the boys were looking at Pokemon cards, Penny and Sayler were doing their makeup. This glitter lip gloss was literally dripping off of Penny's face. This pose was what I got when I asked her to show me her lips.
Sayler getting her nails done by her mommy. Penny and Sayler have so much fun playing together. It would be so fun to live closer because they really get along very well.
I sat down with the kids and we peeled the wrappers off a jillion crayons and put them in a Christmas tin that I have. Then we melted them to make new Christmas crayons. This made quite a mess, but it kept the kids entertained for a good while.
Owen was very diligent in getting all the paper off his all by himself. I rarely had to help him.
Eva, Sayler and Aaron made pie crust for the Christmas pies (divine!)
The Matteson girls
Like I said, Sayler and Penny are buds.
Here is a picture of a room full of family.
Yummy Michael squishes.
Running around playing dress-up with the girls.
ALL the kids gathered in the family room for a cartoon. It was cute to see them all in one place.
We had a special visitor come by.
Penny really wishes her uncle Jon would come back from the store, Santa is kinda creepy. She's not scared actually, but this is the best picture I got. Randomly, she told him she wanted a frog.
Dominic isn't too old for Santa yet. Star Wars Legos please.
It looks like Granpa Hirt isn't too old for it either.

Penny heralding the newborn king. At first she was embarressed to say her part and said it quietly but by the end, she was speaking mostly loud enough to hear. She did a good job.
Pretty little angel curls.
King Herrod and the wise men.
Sayler was completely in her element swaddling and unswaddling baby Jesus only to re-swaddle him again to make sure it was just right.
It was a great nativity. This was actually the 3rd nativity we have been a part of this year and because of that, I will find Penny telling her toys the story of baby Jesus. Or when we read scriptures at night, the words that she makes up are relating to the story of Christ's birth. This is why its so great, the kids really get to know the story while they help remind the parents what its all about too.
Christmas dinner adult side:
Yummy food. Not sure she ate more than 2 bites.
I love this picture because it looks like a mirror image of Denali and Julia (or Julie and Nephi insists on calling her).
Being silly.
Christmas morning we make the kids wait until we're ready for them to come out. At our house, its at the top of the stairs, but since we were at my brothers...they had to wait in the room. They got as close to the door as they could and patiently waited.

And then they were off. Stockings are first.
The loot in the stockings this year was actually really good. I put Sean in charge of that this year since I was doing all the gifts. Stockings are hard for me...I don't know why. But, he did an awesome job and better yet HE LOVED DOING IT. Sean commented that he thinks he'd like to do the stocking stuffers every year. Yes please.
Dominic's stocking contained cologne among other things. Lets just say he was elated.
See how happy? The polka dot socks were a hit and I'm finding gum wrappers all over my house!
Toddler puffs and a wodden train to chew on were just what Michael told Santa he wanted.
Baby's first Christmas.
Check out her tongue. Opening presents is serious business.
When he unwrapped his hollow book present he, of course, didn't get it at first. I told him to open the book and this was his first expression.
He also liked his Dom Bomb shirt.
Dominic and Penny both got robes. My kids are suckers for anything soft and cozy. These were a huge hit.
Michael got that toy from Dominic for Christmas. He loves it. Its great to chew on.
Michael also especially liked the tool bag that the kids got Daddy. He thought the zippers were extra tasty.
Penny told me later that night how much she loved her new blanket because it has Mickey Mouse clubhouse on it AND is soft and cozy (red polar fleece on the other side). Its the best of both worlds for Penny really.
This present is the one that Penny bought for Michael. She found a pair of soft and cozy pants at the store for him. I thought it was so cute that she found them and because of how much she likes soft and cozy, she KNEW that he would too.
We went down to visit Sean's brother a few days before Christmas and while we were there Dusty made sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. It was perfect. They had so much fun doing it. I won't tell you how many I ate.
Frosting the cookies was a lot of fun. I think we came home with probably 20 or more.

Brody and Jack woke up and came and helped make some too. Yay for cousins!
Opening presents from Sean's family:
He LOVES this book.
Thank you Penny Grandma.
Silly bands are always a hit.
The pillow I made for Sean's mom. I also love how Michael is attacking Courtney's face in the picture.
This is the shirt that Penny got for Dominic. It has a wolf on it and something to do with guitar hero....she knew it would be perfect for him. Also the shorts that Gma and Gpa Hirt got for him. Such a handsome feller.
Two Mike's.
For those of you who don't know, this is my Dad and his name is Michael. We named our Michael after him. =)
I love both of my Mike's.
So, if you made it to the end without falling asleep congratulations. I love this picture of Sean and Michael. Sean is master at getting him to settle down and go to sleep. All it takes is his large and gentle hand on Michaels head and he calms down and dozes off.
So Merry Christmas
welcome to a new year!


momhirt said...

i loved the whole thing. thanks.

Holly said...

There's too much to comment on individually, but I loved all the pictures, thanks for sharing. That pillow you made is FABULOUS and I really like the picture of you and Penny, you look GORGEOUS!

Looks like a really great Christmas with the family:)

Lisa said...

How rewarding to see the smiles your homemade gifts brought to people's faces. You did a lot of hard work.

Vicky Shawcroft said...

Fun pictures! Is Dominic a huge pokemon fan? Scott definitely is. Tell me about melting the crayons, it sounds interesting.