Sunday, January 30, 2011

Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom has amazing prices on all those products that mom needs for baby. Right now I pay .25 cents per diaper from Costco and .03 per wipe, as well as .44 per pullup. When I signed up for the amazon mom services and opted to be on their auto-ship program (you can choose to have them send your order every 1, 2, 3, or 4 months..... they'll send you an e-mail before it goes out and you can postpone or cancel the order) I immediately saved 30% off their amazon prices......with free amazon prime shipping included (for the first year) because I signed up for Amazon Mom. This brought my diapers down to .17 each, my wipes down to .01 each and the pullups down to .32 each. As if that wasn't good enough................

Barnes & Noble is offering a one year subscription to Parents Magazine for just $1! Parents is the place to score 20% off Amazon diapers coupons for the last few months. There’s no guarantee that they'll keep printing the coupon, but at $1 it’s worth the gamble! Here’s how to do the deal:
:: Go to Barnes & Noble and add the subscription to your cart. It’s priced at $9.97.
              :: At checkout, use the code K9B9J4H and the price should drop to an even $1.

AMAZING SAVINGS and the best part is, they arrive at your front door. No more putting them in a cart, into your car and then bringing them into the house.........they just SHOW UP.  Normally, I hate couponing because you end up with lame products that I don't already purchase but HELLO...diapers are expensive people!

Click on the Amazon Mom link in the top right of my blog to get started! Enjoy!


annie said...

Just thought I'd rub it in: I don't do diapers any more at all!!!! :o) Life is so much better with poo in the toilet. :o)

That's a great deal though. Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

hahahahahhaa.....not even Vance?

annie said...

what?!! He's old, but not that old yet! :o)