Saturday, December 11, 2010


So, Michael is finally sitting on his own without any help. Its really nice to be able to plop him down and have him stay put without him tumbling over. He enjoys it too. Just today I sat him down and he sat there as we all walked past him, back and forth, as we were getting things done. He just sat there content, playing with a blanket watching people walk on by. He's been working on it for a couple weeks, but it wasn't until Tuesday or so that he finally has been able to do it. So, 6 1/2 months old and we have a sitter!

This video is really long, but there are so many great things in it (great to me. I totally understand if you tune out at 30 seconds). So, in this video you see him sit, sit, sit and then fall over. This was on Wednesday morning, just after he's getting the hang of it. Dive sticks are his favorite chew toys and because they are hollow, they tend to double as a megaphone that drips slobber (where can YOU get one of those right?) Then he's watching the Christmas lights on the tree just as the tree turns off. Penny asks me to turn the lights back on so that Santa can come, so I go do that, leaving the camera on the kiddos.

Yes, I turned my back on my baby ...who just learned to sit .... while I crawled under the tree to re-set the timer on the lights so they would stay on a little longer. Sean and I have been laughing so hard we've cried over what happens next (3:45ish)

To my surprise (when I re-watched the video) Michael fell over when Penny scared the daylights out of him and then she proceeds to help him sit back up (wow, she did really really REALLY well. She's very understanding of where on the body he needs support). She even has learned how to get her hair out of his chubby fingers. Anyways, enjoy....he's growing up so fast!


momhirt said...

he's getting so big. he's sort of a weeble.

Jaime said...

So cute! I love the picture of him in his own little chair. :)