Monday, December 13, 2010

OH Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

This year, for our Christmas Tree, we wanted to cut one down. We heard of a church member nearby who had a tree farm and who sold them for a flat rate ($35 +tax) , no matter what the size. It was cheaper to go cut one of these down than to buy one on the corner stands around town. We were so excited.

So, Tuesday after Sean got off work we loaded up the kids and went to get our tree. Dominic tromped around the tree farm looking for that perfect one. I couldn't help but feel like I was back home blueberry picking and looking for blueberry heaven (definition: a patch of blueberries that is lush and requires you to sit and pick forever). I did not share this thought with Sean because he (claims) to hate blueberry picking. I think Dominic could have spent all day doing this. I can't wait to have land around our property to let my kids explore and play outside more.

It only took about 5 minutes to find our tree. It was a perfect shape and nice and full. Dominic ran to get Brother Dold to come and bring the saw.
While he went to get the hand-saw, we took a few pictures. It was pretty warm out and Michael and I were quite toasty, Penny (no fat on her) got a little chilly and her coat was in the car.

Dominic got about a quarter of the way through with the sawing and then mom finished up while Dad held Michael and Penny. It was so fun! We cut down our Christmas Tree!
Thank you Dold Family Tree Farm!

Cold Penny on Daddy's shoulders.
We got the tree back to our car and loaded it up on top, but not before we got a picture with it!
It took us over 3 hours to get it in a stand and lights strung on it when we got home. We couldn't get our OLD stand to work, and its a really really weird stand that is probably from the 70's. So, I sent Sean to the hardware store to get another one. He came back and we had to cut off some bottom branches to get it in the stand. Then I hated the was awkward and was going to require to cut off a good foot-and-a-half of branches off the trunk (every year). Half our tree was going to be missing. So, being the amazing husband that he is, Sean went back to the hardware store and got a normal one. Up the tree went. Sean and I strung the lights and then I had to leave for a YW activity (I was 10 minutes late). There the tree stood with only lights on until Saturday when Jerome and Liz came over with their new baby Elijah and we started putting the decorations on the tree.

The kids always have lots of fun opening all the ornaments and looking at them before they go onto the tree. Its fun to remember years past because of the ornaments. I'm finding that even the chintsy ones from primary and school are my favorite because they tell a better story.

I usually KINDA like our tree once its all decorated. There always seems to be SOMETHING missing but I can't pinpoint it. However, this year....its perfect. I LOVE our tree. I have the timer set so that its on when we come down in the morning and its my favorite thing (besides my family) to see when I wake up.

Daddy always lifts Dominic to put on the Angel. It is getting increasingly difficult with each passing year.
So after the tree was done, we moved on to our gingerbread houses. This is one of our yearly traditions. Its fun, we get to eat candy and I love seeing what the kids create.
Dominic decorated the gingerbread man and I COULD NOT contain my laughter. I then asked Dominic why he gave his gingerbreadman boobs and he said...."Its a swimsuit mom!"
Because thats logical too right? Love you Dom.

This year we had a little bit of problems with the frosting...but really, it was okay. We had a blast....and, looks like the wreath got a nice ride down the side of our house too.

This is the all-time favorite Hallmark noisy decoration/toy. Sean's mom bought this for us our first year we were married. Can I tell you how much I love toys like this? I just can't justify getting something like this for $20-30, but...I love that we have them and have change my attitude on the cost of them. I would now probably buy something like this knowing how much fun my kids have with them, seriously. They bring so much joy to my kids that even through all the noise, they make me smile. Somehow, in the 3 moves we've made since we've been married, we lost the other one we had. =(
I think Santa will be bringing a new one this year. ;P

This picture is just for good measure. Michael has Sean's full lips and
I don't have Michael's stocking yet. Sean's Grandma has made all of ours and she was working on one for Michael but its not done yet. They are so intricate and amazing. I love them and they are something that we will always cherish.
I do not look forward to having to carry on the tradition, but I will when she no longer can make them.


Nikki said...

That is sooo cute! I think maybe next year we'll go to the Dold's also. I love the lifting Doinic part. Make sure to get pictures of that when he's 16!!

annie said...

What a fun activity... I sure hope dad has a tree up already so we don't have to go find one to cut it down at thirty below!! :o)

Eva Jane said...

So fun! I love all things Christmas :)