Thursday, December 16, 2010

More projects

I got a few more projects done today and a few more started as well. Here are a couple

I decided to make taggie blankets for our twin neice and nephew who are 4 days younger than Michael. If you put a layer (I actually used 2 layers) of a wipes bag on the inside of the blanket, it makes the blanket all crinkly and fun for the babies to listen to.
I LOVE how these turned out. These are SUPER easy to make and took me about 30 minutes to do both of them.

(Thanks Naomi for free reign on your ribbon)

And, I especially LOVE this shirt. My sister in law Kim started calling Dominic Dom-Bomb when he was just eency weency. We still call him that and Penny has really picked up on it in the last year. So, I decided to make him a Dom-Bomb shirt. This isn't completely done as I still have to stitch around the letters and around the bomb (right now they are just wonder-undered on) BUT....I absolutely LOVE IT and know that he will too. I'm making a second one (exactly the same, but on a white shirt) for his friend Dominic that he goes to school with.

Penny has seen the shirt as I was working on it today and she couldn't contain herself in the car and was trying to tell Dominic about it. He kept covering his ears (he hates a spoiled gift) and I would sing really loudly. Little stinker.

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Jaime said...

I love the shirt! :) What a really cute idea. I'm glad Dominic doesn't like a spoiled surprise - that's what makes gift-giving fun! :)