Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More homemade

Here are the last of the homemade presents I did this year. I didn't get a picture of the fabric grocery bags that I made for Megan or the felted soap bars for random family members (whos love is not random). But, you heard it here...I made and loved them so much I wanted to keep them for myself (thats when you know its a good gift, if you don't actually want to gift it!).

Here is the pillow I made for Sean's mom. I didn't finish the second one which will be the white fabric with the black as piping. Its getting sewn next week (after I finish painting my bathrooms this far so good).

Here is the R2D2 computer bag that I made Sean's sister Courtney. This turned out really nice and I was quite happy with it. I hope you use it Courtney! She made me some home-made bath salts......they are sooo nice. I love them.
I made Brody a stuffed animal stegosaurus. It turned out better than I expected as I made up the pattern so I was kinda expecting it to be a It turned out great though! It has rice in the legs and the tail so that it will stand up really well and the rest has stuffing.

There. We had a great Christmas and slowly, as I finish painting and as time permits me to, I'll blog about that too. For now, presents are all blogged. =)

Oh, happy day!

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momhirt said...

penny's pillow is beautiful. i hope she like it alot! the other things are very cute also. good job, katie!