Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finished projects

I've started A LOT of Christmas projects over the last week and today I finally finished 3 of them. Here are two of them.

Dominic's Hollow book. Not without work, but so up his alley. He's gonna love it.
He watched the 1940's Dracula and Frankenstein this year at Halloween, so when I found the book in a cool hardback form, I knew it would be perfect. The Detective book was amazingly the exact same size. I really scored.
I ended up gluing two books together so that I could get a much thicker book. It was hard to get the two cover pieces out, but I did it (with some blisters and sore muscles, seriously).

I also drilled two holes in the outside corners and dropped a magnet into one and left enough room for the second magnet to fall into it and hold the book shut. So far, it seems to be pretty strong. I painted the inside red with house paint to try to make the inside look neater (It wasn't a perfect cut, it was hard!) but then decided (after talking to Naomi) to line the inside with felt. I was nervous to do this last week because if it ended up not looking good, the book would be ruined.....but, it looks great! I'm glad I did it.

Happy hiding Dominic, though I hope you find more clever things to hide than dry erase markers.
Another big project I finished today was for Jacob (from Michael I wanted to make him a flannel board with lots of fun activities, but a flannel board just doesn't ship well. Holly or Spencer will have to make one if they feel the desire. So, I made him a flannel book. The cover is made from flannel, but I inserted a BEWARE OF DOG sign cut in half ( I scoured the dollar store for 20 minutes trying to find a material that would work). Its flexible but rigid and so it allows the book to close and offers protection, but it springs back opened and you can use the cover as the flannel board.
Inside are all kinds of activities for him to do. A nativity, snowman, boy with clothes (shirts are all the different colors of the rainbow), tree with 10 apples, shapes, and a few choice words (each word in a different color)
There are a few blank bags to add more as they want to (felt is cheap at the store and you can cut out more activities in your spare time right Holly? )
This was A LOT of work, but it will be so fun. I know because Penny did not want to ship it off. She played with the pieces all day yesterday and was so excited I finished the board today. She played some more.

So Jacob, enjoy. Its perfect for church, but great for home too.
Aahhh, my kids got to bed early tonight and I got A LOT done. Now, off to clean so I can go to bed.


annie said...

I want one! Brenna and Bret would LOVE that! What a great idea... :o)

momhirt said...

those are fantastic presents. good for you!

Dunn Family said...

I love the flannel board games! Did you make the pieces or did you buy them and wjere? I am so not crafty but it seems like lots of my friends are so I am getting lots of ideas.

Katie said...

I completely made them all up. I used to love making stuff like this when I was younger, miniature stuff like paper dolls and finger puppets and stuff. I still do.

Sorry, no pattern, just started cutting stuff out from the felt squares.

Holly said...

Jacob is going to love this! Thanks Katie, what a perfect idea!

Nikki said...

I'm so jealous of your talent! All of those are amazing. Those books looked really challenging but well worth the effort!