Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Dominic and Penny had dentist appointments today. They have nice, healthy teeth. I was helping with the suction/vacuum thing in Penny's mouth and Michael grabbed at it and LOVED it. He didn't want to give it up and was in fits of giggles over how it felt in his mouth. So, the hygenist took the opportunity to also polish his teeth, and then we let him suck all the slobber and toothpaste (teeny bit of it) out of his mouth. So funny.

6.5 month old dental patient. She couldn't resist and pulled out the fancy dental camera on a stick (you know, they one they put in your mouth, hahaha).

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The Good Life said...

Did Penny like the dentist? Did you have to prepare her to go? I need to take Paige in but I am a little worried that she is going to freak out and scream. Did you go to a pediatric dentist or just a general family dentist? baby Mike kills me. He seems so chill and he is adorable.