Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day in the Life......

Here are some random pictures from our camera before Christmas.

Penny drew a reindeer. She then proceeded to SHOW us (act it out) how the reindeer used his legs. So funny, I was in stitches. She's becoming quite the artist and this easel that Santa got her LAST YEAR is probably one of the most used gifts on the planet.
Seriously, whats NOT to love?
He's such a handsome little feller.
She fell asleep on the couch with her arms out to her side all funny. Her legs were also sprawled out and bent. So cute. However, why I love this picture is I can see my little baby Penny's face in there. That sweet little button nose and dark eyelashes against those rosy cheeks and soft little lips. I miss that little baby face and love when I get a glimpse of it now and then.
I had 15 kids plus 6 young women over at my house the Monday before Christmas. The young women from church were babysitting so parents could finish shopping or projects or clean....just whatever they needed time for before Christmas. We did a nativity play with all the costumes in the garage. Who says the nativity doesn't have yip-yip donkeys, superhero shepherds, wizard cloaked kings, blue princess angels and 49er's wise men? Oh, it was perfect.
King Herrod playing video games later that night.
Somebody is serioulsy loving eating in the high chair. He wants to eat when we eat.
When Daddy comes home, he gets so excited. He loves to snuggle up to Sean and rub his face. He also likes to slobber all over and try to eat Sean's ears....and as if that wasn't funny enough, let me just add that Sean likes it. lol.


Sean said...

Yes I do love when he chews on my face and ears. I'm not ashamed to admit it.

momhirt said...

good mixture of pictures. thanks for keeping up the blog. i like to see everything that happens day to day. love you all.