Monday, December 06, 2010


I vividly remember waking up one time, when I was 3 after falling asleep like this and not wanting to move because I was SO VERY comfortable. I lay there for a good 5-10 minutes before I actually got up because I was seriously the most comfortable I had ever been in my whole life (yup, the whole 3 years of it). I too slept on a crib matress in a frame my Grandpa Williams built that had been handed down from kid to kid. It was basically a box with plywood on all 4 sides that stood as guard-rails and boxed in such a way that the crib mattress dropped right inside of it. The wood extended up a good 3 inches or so to keep me in my bed.
Penny has no such luxury, her matress is on the floor on the underneath part of the loft bed, which actually works.

I've never EVER been that comfortable ever again, I might add. Yet I still remember the feeling.......

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momhirt said...

aaahhhh! sweet dreams, penny!