Friday, November 12, 2010

WINNER - menu board

So I used and I generated a number based on the 22 comments. Julia, you won.

But wait....Julia wasn't supposed to be in the contest, I already sent you one for your birthday.

So, the new winner is:



However, if you want to make one and don't have access to a cricut I have a ton of vinyl and can get it cut and mail you the letters (for freeeeee). The catch is you have to make 2 and give one away (hello, Christmas present).

So, if you didn't win and you want to have one still, leave a comment and I'll send you the letters for 2 sets of menu boards.
Buy Your Own Frames

Leave a comment with how many you want and I'll get a hold of you for your address if needed.

Thank you everyone for writing how I know you. It was fun to read your version of our meeting. Now here's mine:

Nikki: I was your visiting teacher when I lived with Sean's Gma, we became instant friends. Our kids did gymnastics together before I bailed and switched to a different time. You take on insane projects with such grace (food storage groups).

Bethany: I'm your visiting teacher now(please forgive the past 5ish months)! I was so excited to become friends when we moved into the ward. Our son's pass notes to each other in church sometimes.

Shannon: Yes, walking infomercial. Lets not forget that you were always there for me, even when I didn't know I needed it (wanna do lunch?). You aren't afraid to offer kindness even in the face of the most uncomfortable circumstances that you perhaps have no way to relate to. You were just there for me. Always.

Mom: You are the most amazing mother I've ever had....and not just because you're the only one. You taught me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You made me home made bread and jam. You taught me to knit, cook and clean (how can I tell that Katie cooked?!)
10 kids, 10 pregnancies, 10 10 10. How did you ever do it?! I absolutely love you with all that I am.

Gayle: I know you we go to church together. You like to mug on my baby and yes, I'm neighbors with your parents. You always dress so stunning and have an amazingly contagious smile!

Jodi: We went to high school together and I remember you from volleyball and Math Class. Ms. fun. I stayed at your house in Palmer on Halloween for a roadtrip (with the rest of the team)....we took our SAT's on that trip, the day after Halloween (who scheduled that I want to know......thank goodness I did well, I had no idea what I was doing!).

Katy: I know you from our ward in Sacramento (the pocket). Those were the best playgroups I've ever been to. It was so nice to know that Tuesday from 3-5 EVERY WEEK my friends would be at the park. I was also your visiting teacher and we chatted business now and then. I blog stalk you on a regular basis. You have a way with words.

Tracy: I first met you because we were in singles ward together in Fairbanks and you were great friends with my ex-husband. You are one of those friends who nobody could ever lose, even through divorce. =)

Emily: Yes, I made your prom dress. Our families know each other but I don't really know you. I went to your wedding reception while I was in Fairbanks though (woot woot!). I think the warmest it got while I was there that week was -38 and nobody turned their cars off while we were at your reception.

Melissa: I met you at singles branch in Fairbanks. We had some great dinner groups together. Those were the days right? I remember one time you made the bomb-est spaghetti and nobody could get enough. You ran out of noodles after the second or third batch. We drove out to Circle Hot springs with you for a Singles activity.

Cristin: Your husband was my home teacher and you and I got to serve in the Relief Society Presidency together in BYU 140th ward. Those were great times, hard...but great. You guys offered/forced me to allow you to take Dominic so I could go out on dates and not come home till 2-3 in the morning. I ended up marrying him, THANK YOU!

Jolene: I was your visiting teacher in Sacramento. I loved our visits, its really the only time I got to visit with you and you had the sweetest little family. Your oldest daugher's name matched mine and it was easy to remember.

Julia: You are my sister and you just had a birthday. You are an old fart.

Tanya: We lived in the same apartment complex yet we rarely ever saw each other. Twilight brought us together. Your oldest reminds me of me.

Mackenzie: I watched my first R rated movie at your house and I think it scarred me for life! hahahah. You were friends with my sister Annie and so we knew a lot of the same people.

Eva: You are the silliest sister I have. I used to steal your clothes and perfume growing up. ONE time I told you to shuuuuuuuut-uuuup and I slammed the door in your face.

Miranda: I know you because I know your husband. He helped me through some hard times and according to him, I can never do enough to repay him for that.....ever. We blog stalk each other.

Vicky: I met you at Singles Branch in Fairbanks. I remember you talking about how hot it got in Sacramento growing up and you had to ride your bike in the mid-day heat (you grew up in Sac)I remember trying to understand, but not really. I COMPLETELY understand now. I love that we can always just pick up right where we left off.

Merilee: Is that how our husbands know each other? I guess I forgot. If we lived closer we'd be friends even if our husbands didn't know each other. I totally GET you. And I think those boys of yours are pretty darn funny and cute.

Colleen: I absolutely remember you. I'm glad you entered. Isn't my sister the best?

Kristina: I know you from Fairbanks. I remember carrying a HUGE painting 2 blocks to your new house. We hung out A LOT in the summers especially when you lived just under the bridge from me. Those were some fun times! Remember going to Willow for a race your dad was in and you got to ride in the car for a while on the way back? I was so jealous.

Naomi: I met you at church here in CP and we've been in two wards together. Our girls are little besties and our youngest sons will be too someday. Your oldest boys are a year older and a year younger than my Dominic. We walk and talk and walk and talk like nobody's business. We share a lot of the same philosophies in life but I like that even when we don't, we still keep talking. Its what girls do best!


momhirt said...

calling Julia an old fart---- you'll live to eat those words! :o)

Nikki said...

Wow! I usually don't win anything! That's totally awesome! Thank You. I loved reading how you know everyone. It's always fun to get glimpses of people's history. That was fun!!

Shannon said...

I would love some letters, I think I will make one for myself and one for a Christmas gift. Thanks Katie you are so fun!

Celia said...

I didn't enter the contest, but I LOVE the idea! I shared it in a RS meeting last night and they were wondering if you'd mind if we kinda copied the idea for a RS activity? If you want to email me your okay or no, my email is sis_celiadawn at yahoo dot com.
PS I know you because we grew up in the same Ward, and my Dad worked for your Dad for awhile... And I'll always remember how creative you always were... and I seem to remember a hairy legs contest at Girl's Camp with you and Crystal in it...

Merilee said...

Thanks Katie! I totally agree.
It would be fun to live close.

Becs said...

hi katie! love reading your blog!! and i'd absolutely love to make these boards. do you still have letters you are willing to share? thanks, becky