Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankfulness Tree

For family home evening tonight, we made a Thankfulness tree. I busted out the glitter glue pens and Dominic made the tree trunk. I picked out all the autumn colors of paper and cut out a zillion leaves (5 sheets at a time).
I taught Dominic (and Penny) the difference between the Topical Guide (scripture references) and the Bible Dictionary (a definition) by looking up the word thanksgiving or thanks. We learned how to navigate around when it refers the word to somewhere else and then we looked up a couple scriptures on Thanksgiving.

Afterwards, we all started writing down many things that we are thankful for. We came up with quite a list and it was fun to see the creativity. We have SO MANY things to be thankful for. These are just a few:
I did not anticipate that Penny would be as engrossed as she was, but seriously what was I thinking....its glitter and drawing all in one. She was so concentrated on getting the "words" just right. If I asked her what it was before she was done she would get all bothered and then say, "I'm not done yet, don't ask." As if to imply, "of course you can't tell what it says, I'm not finished writing it!"
Look at her hold her other hand steady:

Getting all the leaves on was quite the task, but they fit just perfectly.

Here was our finished tree which I will hang up somewhere in the family room once its dry.
Some of the highlights. We are thankful for:

the temple (notice the temple and angel moroni)
The Bishop and Dr. Couch (Penny thinks of him synonymously with his profession since we know him both ways). If she's ever talking to the bishop she is quick to remind us that that is her dentist also. If we are seeing the dentist, she is quick to remind us that he is also Bishop Couch. So when she said, "this says Bishop... *long pause* and Doctor Couch," I couldn't help but burst into laughter.
Randomly she's thankful for snakes.

Dominic and I were in a fit of laughters over her being thankful for a Moose. A Moose Penny? Really? It was so random and she was so animated when she told us what it was. There was no hesitation in her voice, those 3 green dots definitely say, "a moose."

Dominic asked me if he could be thankful for the computer. I was quick to tell him the many reason why we could, of course, be thankful for the computer!! Helloooooo! How would I blog otherwise?!
Dominic learned this year the reality of Santa but he thought it fun to keep the tradition going and help Penny still believe so he put that we were thankful for Santa.
My sad attempt at an earth. The dark green was't coming out all that great.

Wonderpets, America and Great Grandma.
Three very amazing and wonderful things we have to be thankful for!

This was a very last minute FHE and I've actually found that those are the best. I didn't have a lesson planned or anything but one just happened anyways. I love my little family.
They are my sunshine and the first leaf I put on our Thankfulness Tree.

What are you thankful for?


The Mattesons said...

I totally love this and will be stealing it for my FHE tomorrow!!! You are soo creative Katie and an amazing mom!

momhirt said...

that was a fun read and i loved the tree. aren't we all so blessed?!

Grandma Gale said...

This is adorable! You are such a sweet family and a great example to us all. I miss those days. So much fun and the Bishop will love it!! Thanks for sharing!