Thursday, November 11, 2010

Super cute-ness

Catherine and her brother came over and played all day on Saturday. We had SO MUCH FUN. Penny and Catherine are the best of little friends. I've had to try to get her to branch out a little because she's becoming demandingly obsessed with seeing her bestie. Its pretty cute actually. They both communicate so well with eachother and though not without meltdowns, have the perfect little friendship.

They painted together and didn't get upset with eachother at all (usually with 2, 3 year olds you get meltdowns over someone painting on your spot or using the color you wanted, etc....nada!).

They made 3 masterpieces, one of which I hung in Penny's room. I'll post a picture tomorrow, she says its a shark but it looks exactly like someone taking a jump on skiis.
Dominic and Sean have been playing a little Guitar hero (guitar spakin' as Sean likes to call it) the past few nights. I LOVE this picture, it makes me smile.

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