Thursday, November 11, 2010


Penny learned how to trace her own hand. Quite cool actually...up to this point, whenever she tried to do it, it would just end up a bunch of lines but they weren't connected. I never corrected her, she just eventually figured it out. She was so proud. This was actually the third time she'd done it. The first one she ever did was when she was making Penny Grandma's birthday card. She squealed in absolute delight.

This guy is so fun to have around. We all kinda like him.
I got my hair cut again. It had been 5 months and was getting quite shaggy. I really like the cut this time. I can not do it and it looks great....thats my kind of haircut. Michael is watching the cars going around on the track. This kept him entertained for quite a while.
SANTA got this racecar set for Dominic last year and we've only played with it a handful of times. Each time we play with it another piece of the track breaks. I loves this set, but am really bothered by how easily it breaks (and it wasn't cheap!). Oh well, things are just things and they had SO MUCH FUN with it the other night.
Thats all for now, just a quick update. Stay tuned for nakey baby pics.


momhirt said...

cute, cute, cute. i never see enough pictures. have a great day.

annie said...

It's the HAMBURGER HELPER hand!! :o)

I like your hair- I've been debating semi bangs for the next trim.... still debating, but I like yours.

Merilee said...

I love your hair.

Spencer said...

I cut rose's hair once. Next time you are interested, just let me know. I don't charge much.