Saturday, November 06, 2010

Playing with Daddy

Michael was all set to work with Sean yesterday. He just kept slobbering and pressing all the wrong keys. He loved that the keyboard was in front of him and kept reaching his fat little fingers out to grab at it.

Just relaxing with Dad.
Penny loves Guess who. She also loves the Ashlee character (pronounced Ash-uh-lee). So, you can almost always guess who her card is going to be. If she doesn't actually pick Ashlee, she will switch it to Ashlee halfway through and then give some hilariously cute answer as to why she needed to switch it, "because I needed a person with a green hat and thats only Ash-uh-lee."

I cut almost an inch off of her hair on Sunday and it bounced her hair up 2 inches at least. I had forgotten that curly hair does that. Thank goodness I didn't cut off 2 inches like I was planning(it would have bounced up 4-5 inches).


Julia Harps said...

I love her hair! it's makes me want to touch it. what a cutie!

gramakelly said...

I want to reach through the computer and chew, I mean smooch, on those chubby arms! I love the rolls and pudginess on Michael's arms (and legs, and cheeks, and...)