Friday, November 19, 2010


Hooray! I'm six months old today.

Here is Michael in a nutshell:

-Rolls over both ways and uses rolling to get places-
-Blows raspberries-
-says "ba ba ba ba"-
-pulls a blanket over his face to play peekaboo-
-sits up with minor assistance-
-sleeps through the night in his crib-
-has 2 teeth-
-eats cereal, gerber veggies and cheerios-
-pull his plug out and can get it back in (even if upside down)-
-wears 12 month clothes-
-munches on his toes-
-weight is 22 pounds-
-his eyes have decided on either light brown or hazel-
-pulls Penny's hair if ever its near-
-slobbers on Dominic-
-switches toy from one hand to the other-
-open and closes fist to get things in his hand(no pincer grasp yet)-


Julia Harps said...

can't wait to play with him. 22 pounds! what a chunk!

momhirt said...

half-a-birthday to you!

gramakelly said...

Makes me want to squeeze him!

Eva Jane said...

that picture is awesome!

Esther said...

What a cute picture of Michael shouting "Horray!" :) I can't believe he's already half way to a year, it seems like you just had him!

Nikki said...

Seriously, can he get any cuter!!??!! Sleeps through the night huh? Sweet bliss, how I dream of that.