Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Homemade Christmas

So this year, we're doing homemade. We bought the kids one present each and the rest we are making homemade. Here are a few of the things we are making

doll clothes

shirt applique

coat applique

Now we'll just see how much of it I can actually accomplish before Christmas. I'm also in need of more ideas for an 8 year old boy. Got any?


Britty said...

Love the hollow book! I remember there was one on "Troop Beverly Hills" with a hidden camera in it, and I thought that was so cool. Great ideas!

momhirt said...

bookends are fun to make. or a key holder shelf. or a napking holder or mail organizer. i googled beginning wood projects and got a lot of sites. have fun!

Rachel D said...

Thanks for the link to my silhouette tutorial. Good luck! I'm sure yours will be beautiful and, if you post them, I'd love to take a peek. ;-)

Also, I checked out the quiet book - AMAZING! I just bookmarked it for my own to-do list, either for my own baby or my niece.