Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Found Watch

Dominic found a watch outside at the library over a month ago. Have I ever told you how much I really think gold jewelry is tacky? I have just never liked it (sorry if you feel otherwise). So anyways......he wanted to keep the watch, an obvious ladies watch. I told him that he would need to go turn it in at the library because whoever the owner was, they might be looking for it. So he took it into the library. I thought it would be forgotten and we'd never have to see the watch again (yay!). Who needs more junk around the house (aka $5 watch that he can't wear cuz its a ladies watch).

A few weeks passed and he was dying to go back to the library to see if it was still there. We did and it was there but the lady at the counter said that it had to stay for a month. He put his phone number with the watch to be called if the owner didn't show up by November 9th. So, yesterday he begged to go see if the watch was still there. Guess what? It was. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Dominic is now the new proud owner of a fake, gold, ladies watch. He asked me if he could sell it to which I replied, "Dominic, I'm sorry. Its an ugly fake gold watch that probably cost $5 at Walmart. Nobody is going to buy it."

I told him it might be kinda fun to just take a apart and see all the parts inside and how it goes together. Darn, no teeny screwdriver.

Fast forward to last night. I finally PICK UP THE WATCH. Its actually pretty heavy and upon further inspection, very well made. Wow, it fits nicely and doesn't look half bad. Whats this? Swiss MOVADO Made? I wonder what brand that is.

Fast forward to me finding the movado website and realizing that Dominic is the new proud owner of a $695 dollar watch. He couldn't be more stoked and Mom's eating humble pie. Maybe I kinda like gold after all.


Jodi & Justin said...

Gotta Love kids! Always have to prove you wrong :)! haha - This totally made my day!

Julia Harps said...

too funny! craigslist is or something for christmas money. LOL!

The Wiseman Life said...

To funny! Dominic's lucky day.

momhirt said...

i think that is more than my car is worth!! good for him.

Nikki said...

Offer him $10 for the "cheap" watch and wear the gold to church for a day, see if you get comments. P.S. I hate gold too.

Grandma Penny said...

I went to the library today and didn't find a watch. :(